The only thing sadder than a handjob is giving one to yourself

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Shoot Your Shot

The 'Tesla of blowjob machines', Fleshy Pro™ was engineered to faithfully recreate the sensations of oral pleasure. You'll bust so hard you forget how 𝐭ㄖ 𝐭𝕐ᑭⓔ.

You deserve to be pleased. So join tens of thousands of confident men helping us to close the orgasm gap: Our prices will stay low until men have exactly as much shame-free toy-induced pleasure as women.

(Or until we literally need the money.)

The Closest Thing to Coochie

Fleshy Pro's soft, body-safe sleeves provide realistic spongy resistance and ease of entry. They're easy to clean, last basically forever, and are delicately textured to replicate the feeling of mucosa (the stuff that throats and vaginas and g-spots are made from).

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