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They say nothing beats the real thing but my wife can't suck for hours and vibrate her whole mouth while doing it! Every man deserves one of these.

- Michael D

They say nothing beats the real thing but my girlfriend can't suck for hours and vibrate her whole mouth while doing it.

- Michael D

Fleshy Pro combines three features to maximize your pleasure: suction, jerking, and vibration.
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Super Tight Minx Sleeve
🔥Our Most Popular Sleeve

Our most intense and tight sleeve yet. The Minx Sleeve is designed for an out of the world experience. Does it feel like a woman? Hell no. It feels 100x better. With hundreds of bumps, twists and channels designed to grip you like a vagina from the year 4000.

Sale Price $25

Retail Price $50.00
XL Sleeve For Those Thicker Than Average

Made to be more generously wide, The XL sleeve is made to accomodate those lucky enough to need it or for those that just enjoy a looser experience (good for those long sessions!).

Sale Price $25

Retail Price $50.00
Our Most Realistic "Innocence" Sleeve

The Innocence Sleeve is made to replicate the feeling of the smoothest, softest and perfectly tight vagina. Strategically placed bumps ensure the sensation is euphoric, without being too tight.

Sale Price $25

Retail Price $50.00

NOTE: All Fleshy Pro orders include our original sleeve, designed for optimal blowjob sensation. The additional sleeves above are to add variety to your play time and are not required.

Make it feel oh so real with our specially formulated lube.

Sale Price $19

Retail Price $22.00
Keep your Fleshy fresh, clean and odorless.

Sale Price $15

Retail Price $22.00
Squishy three hole fun for the ultimate enjoyment.

Sale Price $29

Retail Price $45.00
Deep vibration on your head for a unique orgasm.

Sale Price $29

Retail Price $49.00
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  • GQ

    "With sucking and tugging modes meant to mimic the sensations of actual oral, vaginal and anal sex, this high-tech stroker comes highly recommended. Fleshy Pro is a rechargeable male masturbator with an ingenious ready-to-cum button."

  • Men's Health

    "With this toy, you get the whole spectrum of major sensations. It feels realistic and in terms of cleanup, it's about as well-made as it gets. The added options (suction and climax) make things even more interesting."

  • Bed Bible

    "The Fleshy Pro also has a special climax button that provides deeper and stronger suction to recreate deepthroating and muscle contractions during female orgasms."

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Fleshy Pro's realistic features recreate the sensations of oral, anal, and vaginal sex

Icon vacuum

The vacuum-powered suction, designed with advanced technology, feels just like a real blowjob. 🎶 gawk gawk gawk 🎶


The Fleshy Pro™ actually pulls you deeper inside, releases you back out, over and over, just like a real sexual partner would with their body or mouth.


Ten different vibration and massage modes enable powerful vibrations. (Like a woman's "magic wand" vibrator, these aren’t realistic, but they can cause bone-trembling pleasure!)

Fleshy Pro

Ever drink a thick milkshake through a straw? That's how Fleshy Pro sucks

The Fleshy Pro™ Male Masturbator features a unique sucking mechanism that mimics the sensation of receiving oral sex. It provides intense and satisfying pleasure that is unlike anything else on the market, and is perfect for use alone or with a partner.

(Read on to learn about "Climax mode"!)


Fleshy Pro's soft, body-safe inner sleeves provide realistic spongy resistance and ease of entry. They're easy to clean, last basically forever, and are delicately textured to replicate the feeling of mucosa (the stuff that throats and vaginas and g-spots are made from).

💡 Tip: Warm the sleeve up in a bowl of hot water before use for even greater pleasure.

"Climax mode"

When you hold down the climax button, Fleshy Pro takes you deeper and deeper and its powerful suction completely prevents you from being able to pull out until you finish (or until you release the button).

Close your eyes and see how similar this ultra-intense sensation feels to being deepthroated or feeling muscle contractions during female orgasm.

Easy to Wash

Despite being one of the biggest worries guys have before buying, cleaning Fleshy Pro™ takes less than 15 seconds and you don’t have to touch bodily fluids. Simply reverse the sleeve, dump your junk, rinse with soap and warm water, and voilà!

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Alex G.
A must-have for couples looking to spice it up!!

I've never used any toys in the bedroom before but when my wife surprised me with this, it was such an experience on a whole new level! I must admit, nothing feels better than the real thing but this is a close second. We had a lot of fun exploring the different options!

It's every bit as amazing as the reviews claim it to be! I love how convenient it is to bring this anywhere (just make sure you store it in your bag as discreetly as possible!). I brought this to a business trip once and I had the most amazing phone sex with my wife! It's crazy hearing her ooh's and aaah's while my member is trembling with pleasure. For couples who are looking to explore new and exciting experiences, this is a winner!!

10/10 would recommend!

Valentines gift

I gave this to my boyfriend for Valentines. We are LDR and he uses it all the time. He loves it so much!

Pleasantly surprised. Good value for money.

Ordered my Fleshy Pro three days ago and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived late afternoon, the next day. The whole purchasing experience was great. Sent me regular notifications on my order and some tips on how to get started as well, which was great. I didn't waste any time unboxing it to try it out. Have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I bought it, so wanted to see if it really lives up to the hype I've seen online. Struggled a bit initially because it was a super tight fit. But with enough lube, I was able to get it in eventually. I worked my way through all the settings to test it out. Really like the fact that the first few settings ease you into it, and when you start switching it up with vibration and sucking, it starts to really get intense. You've still got to do some of the work yourself, but the added vibrations and sucking definitely make it better than your standard bj. Tip: Once you feel you're getting close, switch to the hardcore BJ suck mode for a super intense feeling. The only downside I would say is that the buttons can get a bit slippery when your fingers are all lubed up, so keep a towel or some tissues close by. Afterwards, it was easy to get the sleeve out and clean it. Overall, I'm very impressed with the value for money. It has definitely enhanced my solo play. I'm curious to try out some of the other gadgets. It would be cool if it had the heating function that some of the other toys have. I'll have to buy shares in a lube company though seeing that I'm going to be using a lot.

Alex M

Top tip: use lube and lots of it. Think about it a blowjob is sloppy and that is what you’re re-creating here. Is this better than a woman? Lol probably not BUT how many women do you know that can suck you off for hours and hours? Loving edging with this bad boy. Just remember to clean the sleeve afta you use it. Don’t be lazy. I got the renewal powder which helps keep it dry and smooth after you’ve cleaned it. bit expensive for that powder though it does last basically forever

toy collector

I have a lot of toys. I even reviewed them on p-hub for a while (took those down eventually after my new girlfriend didnt like it sadly). When it comes to a toy its all about the “function” … what does it do? Stroke you? Suck you? Vibrate you? Electrically stimulate you (yeah thats a thing)? Buying a toy that does everything ensures you’ll have a mid experience. The fleshy pro is a sucker. Thats what it does well. Sucking you in and sucking you hard. If you like blowjobs youll like the fleshy pro. If you prefer a girl bouncing on top your going to prefer their Thrust. They actually sent me a Rumble for free (due to an error with my order so this was like their apology) and thats a new one to me. Imagine just super intense vibration but only on your head - really good for just edging for hours.

Best of class

It’s got all the right sensations. You have to spend some time to figure out the positioning and mode that works best for you. For me it has to be just barely in and it feels like just the lips and tongue working on the most sensitive area. For a long time I couldn’t get past the mechanical sound but learned to ignore it. I also found that water based lube just doesn’t cut it. Aveeno lotion is more viscous and gives the best sensation. I’ve been using Aveeno for months and it doesn’t hurt the device. If anything it seems to preserve it.

danny bond

Works great!

TJ Null
My First Autonatic Penis Toy

I didn't know exactly what to expect from the Fleshy Pro, as I've only used manual toys before. A toy that had some suction seemed more interesting to me rather than the rotating ones from other manufacturers. I am SO glad I made this decision!

The suction cycles by themselves are how I started on my first try and they were great. The Fleshy had no problems sucking my slightly shorter and slightly thicker than average penis right in and getting me completely hard in a short time. Adding in the vibration helped take it right up to amazing! I found my favorite from the wide variety of different vibrations and had an extremely enjoyable time watching some blowjob porn while the Fleshy sucked me off for the new 10-15 minutes.

Disassembly, clean up, and reassembly was easy, though I wish there was a way to have it "drip dry" as it doesn't balance well on the rubbery end with the motor in the air.

Looking forward to trying out the other sleeve textures once they are back in stock!

Bobby Sehgal


Stop looking, you’ve found the one!!!

If you’re like me then you’ve been doing your research trying to find out which one of these is gonna give you the most bang for your buck (no pun intended) but you can stop all that right now and just buy this one. I’ve had it for a week and it’s already paid for itself. The next best thing to the real thing. #marriednotgettingany

  • Finish cleaning*, that is. No other male masturbator on the market is as quick and easy to clean as Fleshy Pro. And unlike other toys, cleaning Fleshy Pro doesn't require ever touching your baby batter.

    The entire cleaning process takes fewer than 60 seconds (or 30, if you hurry) including removing the sleeve and putting everything back together.

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order as long if you haven't yet received a tracking number (which indicates that your order hasn't yet shipped).

How to use Fleshy Pro?

To use Fleshy Pro, ensure it's fully charged. Apply plenty of lube and insert your penis. Begin stroking and experiment with the various modes for pleasure. After use, clean it properly and store safely. For more insights and tips, read our full guide in the How to Use Fleshy Pro article.

What is in the box?

1. FleshyPro stroker
2. MiniJack USB charging cable
3. User manual.

what is in he box?

How do I clean Fleshy Pro?

Fleshy Pro is quicker and easier to clean after use than any other male masturbator. Simply pull out the sleeve, turn it inside out (so your hand is inside) and simply rinse it under warm water with mild soap. There's a video above that demonstrates how to clean it in under 1 minute.

Read the full tutorial on how to clean Fleshy Pro.

How can I track my order?

Once your package has been shipped, your tracking number will be sent to the email you used to order. You'll be able to watch your package's progress in real time. We aim to ship very quickly, but wait up to one full business day after ordering. If you still don't see your email, please check your spam folder and then contact support for assistance.

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Can I return my order?

Please reach out to our customer service by email. Our team will assess your specific situation and do their best to assist you. Our official return policy is here.

What kind of lubricant can I use for Fleshy?

Use only water-based lubricant. Do not use oil-based lubricant, as oil-based lubricant will deteriorate the sleeve.

Do you have a warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty on all purchases of Fleshy Pro. Reasonable terms and conditions apply. Please read the policy for more information.

Can I take the Fleshy Pro in the bathroom or bathtub?

To ensure the longevity of our product and for your personal safety, note that while the sleeve/insert can be safely used in the bathtub or shower, the Fleshy Pro device itself must stay dry and cannot be exposed to water. Water would pose a safety risk due to the electrical components inside.

Fleshy Pro vs. Fleshy Pro 2.0: Any difference?

No difference at all! "Fleshy Pro 2.0" was just a fun nickname we used in an infamous ad. The good ol’ Fleshy Pro is what you get!

My product doesn't work. What can you do about it?

At a minimum, we offer a free replacement in the rare event of a defective product. Please contact support and attach a video showing the defective functionality.