About Us

Fleshy is a leading brand in the male sex toy industry. Based in the United States, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sexual technology and providing men with products that deliver authentic pleasure experiences.

Our best-selling toy, the Fleshy Pro, has earned a sterling reputation as the "Tesla of blowjob machines." Through precise engineering, it faithfully recreates the sensations of oral sex. This focus on realistic emulation is a hallmark of all Fleshy toys.

As a company, we are committed to breaking down the stigma surrounding male sexuality. Many men still feel shame about engaging in self-pleasure, so we aim to normalize sex toy use and close the orgasm gap. Our goal is to make exploration of one's body a positive part of personal wellness and relationships.

In addition to renowned quality, Fleshy offers unbeatable value. By controlling our entire production process, we optimize cost-effectiveness at every stage. This allows us to pass immense savings directly to customers - up to 30% below competing brands. Affordability ensures our toys are accessible to all men seeking to enhance their experiences.

Comfort, discretion and ease of use define the Fleshy brand. Our RealSkin sleeves provide a soft, lifelike feel both internally and externally. Cleaning is as simple as reversing the sleeve; no direct contact with fluids required. For privacy, orders arrive anonymously.

At Fleshy, we will continue perfecting the male sexual experience through innovative technology and inclusive values. Our mission is empowering men via authentic pleasure and the removal of shame from self-care.