Fleshy™ Talent Program

Get Paid to Jack Off

Want to get paid to do what you love? Become an official Fleshy™ Ambassador. 

It’s easy!
  1. Order any Fleshy™ product
  2. Upload at least 5 videos of yourself using your Fleshy™ to Pornhub or XVideos (your face does NOT need to be visible in the videos)
  3. Send an email to ambassadors@getfleshy.com with links to your Pornhub/XVideos account.
If the videos (featuring your Fleshy™) have more than 5,000 views, (total, across all videos), we’ll refund the full purchase price back to you! If your videos have more than 100,000 views, we’ll also send you $500 immediately and free Fleshy products for life as we improve and expand the Fleshy™ product line.

It’s fun to be famous. Order a Fleshy™ today and start your journey to stardom.