The Best Male Sex Toys Rated by Pro Wankers

The Best Male Sex Toys Rated by Pro Wankers


Today, we are diving deep into a world not often spoken about – sex toys for males.

Adult toys are a game-changer in the realm of self-indulgence. Let’s break down the stigma and unleash the secrets to a new level of satisfaction.

Because, why should ladies have all the fun?

Men now have endless options for self-pleasuring, from penis pumps to classic strokers. Brands like Fleshy do serious research before releasing their products for mind-blowing experiences.

Here are the best male sex toys worth considering in 2024 for sending pleasure waves down your spine.

Self-Pleasuring Devices: A Variety of Top Male Sex Toys

The list of adult toys for men is growing every day. We may categorize them into the following types:

  • Strokers & masturbators: These handy gadgets mimic the act of handjobs. They are the maestros of solo symphony.
  • Automatic masturbation machines: Pleasure is just a button away when you use an automatic masturbator. Automatic male sex toys caress and pamper your penis for hands-free orgasms.
  • Penis vibrators: These bad guys are rockstars of male pleasure. They stimulate the shaft or edge of the penis for incredible sensations.
  • Prostate massagers: Toys that massage your P-spot are untapped gold mines of bliss. They can be simple wands or vibrators for prostate stimulation.
  • Blowjob machines: You don’t need someone to suck your dick anymore. These futuristic devices can drain your manhood automatically by mimicking blowjobs.
  • Pocket pussies: These are the little giants of sexual pleasure. They are portable and discreet artificial vaginas to rock your world.
  • Rings: Cock rings add more sexual satisfaction and maintain your erection. A vibrating penis ring can even stimulate your partner.
  • Penis pumps: These pumps help you get erect and experience suction, which can be enjoyable. You should use them under the guidance of a medical professional.

Top-Rated Male Sex Toys: 11 Bad Boys to Create a Buzz (Pun Intended)

Are you ready for the ultimate bliss and indulgence?

Here are the top male sex toys we handpicked for your self-love. Our insights are based on customer reviews from Trustpilot, Reddit, and similar platforms.

Moreover, our team had the opportunity to use some of these toys. We combined our experiences to give you a holistic understanding of each product.

1. Fleshy Pro: Best Overall Sex Toy

fleshy sex toys for male pro

Say hello to the future of male pleasure – Fleshy's very own Pro. This humble guy is your dick’s best friend and offers the realistic experience of oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

Fleshy Pro pulls you inside, sucks your penis, vibrates, and recreates the feeling of intercourse. The four masturbation sleeves feel like natural skin and make you want to stay inside all day long.

The toy has 10 powerful vibration settings and a cool climax feature to drain your juice.

Quick Facts

Type: Automatic masturbation machine

Best for: Blowjobs, intercourse, anal sex

Material: TPE, silicone

Battery life: 60 minutes


  • High-quality materials
  • Intense satisfaction and sexual exploration
  • Hands-free experience


  • Not portable
  • Strong suction

2. Tenga Flip 0: Best Stroker for Men

male masturbator

The Japanese brand Tenga is highly popular in the realm of manual strokers. The Tenga Flip 0 is a manual masturbator that provides intense sensations.

The canal features countless bumps and obstacles of various shapes, sizes, and resistance. You feel like you have landed on a pleasure topography and don’t feel like leaving.

The device even squeezes your dick for heightened pleasure.

Quick Facts

Type: Masturbator

Best for: Handjobs

Material: Soft plastic


  • Bumps and ridges for added pleasure
  • Clean easily without removing the sleeve
  • Squeeze to adjust the suction


  • May be unsuitable for larger penises
  • Completely manual

3. Fleshy Rumble: Best Guybrator


Rumble from Fleshy has won the Most Unique Experience 2023 Award. It is a small and discreet vibrator for frenulum stimulation.

The powerful motor creates a deep, sonar-like vibration to caress your dick. You can play with 6 vibration settings and speeds for a mind-blowing release.

Best of all, Rumble comes with heating for a warm and cozy embrace. The toy gives “good vibes” a whole new meaning!

It is similar to a Hitachi Magic Wand but for guys.

Quick Facts

Type: Penis vibrator

Best for: Solo play

Heating: Up to 40 degrees

Battery life: 60 minutes


  • Small and discreet
  • 3 vibration speeds
  • 360-degree stimulation


  • A bit expensive
  • Intense vibrations

4. We-Vibe Pivot: Best Cock Ring

cock ring

Pivot is the lord of the cock ring. It vibrates for additional stimulation and makes you perform like a champ.

The ring features an app control to turn it into a pleasure rollercoaster. It is also perfect for couple play and just needs turning the vibrating head up or down.

You will end up stimulating the clitoris or frenulum of your partner.

Quick Facts

Type: Cock ring

Best for: Couple play

Material: Silicone

Battery life: Up to 60 minutes


  • 10 vibration modes
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • USB rechargeable


  • Not suitable for larger penis diameters
  • Rumbly vibrations

5. Autoblow AI: Best Blowjob Machine

Blowjob Machine

Autoblow AI is seemingly the most realistic blowjob machine. Researchers analyzed more than 1,000 hours of video to create this wonder.

The machine uses artificial intelligence (AI) to blow your load, like a human mouth and tongue. Additionally, you have several settings to play with to find your right match.

However, reviews show it is not a good product. It lacks sensation as the sleeve does not move.

You feel someone has put a condom on your dick and pulling it.

Quick Facts

Type: Blowjob machine

Best for: Automatic blowjobs

Material: Silicone penis sleeves

Battery life: Uses power outlet


  • Quiet but strong motors
  • Suits a variety of penis sizes
  • Good build quality


  • The entrance looks creepy
  • Countless negative reviews

6. Fleshy 3-in-1: Best Pocket Pussy


Fleshy is committed to providing men with the ultimate euphoria. The 3-in-1 pocket pussy comes with three entries to enjoy vaginal, anal, and oral sex in one device.

The orifices look like an actual mouth, anus, and vagina to let your imagination run wild.

The internal shape and design mimic that of female organs and offer a realistic experience. The sleeve is soft and highly stretchable for incredible self-pleasure masturbation.

You can also clean Fleshy 3-in-1 in a few seconds.

Quick Facts

Type: Pocket pussy

Best for: Oral, vaginal, and anal sex

Material: Soft and durable


  • 3 different entries
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly affordable


  • Can get messy
  • No suction

7. LA Premium Penis Pump Kit: Best Penis Pump

Penis Pump

Pump up your pleasure volume with LA premium pump kits. These efficient penis pumps are handmade with care in the USA from high-quality materials for extra durability.

The cylinder has a round base for better fit and can accommodate dicks up to 9 inches. Most importantly, you have a pressure gauge to stay within safe limits.

The pumps work with 2 feet of vinyl tubing.

Quick Facts

Type: Penis pump

Best for: Suction, erectile dysfunction

Material: Acrylic, brass, vinyl


  • Pressure gauge for safety
  • Quick-release valve
  • Comfortable base


8. Fleshy Synflex: Best Prostate Massager

beat male sex toys

Does your prostate need some love?

Fleshy Synflex is one of the leading sex toys for male P-spot. It bends and curves to fit inside comfortably and stimulate your prostate gland and pelvic muscles.

The toy has 7 ascending intensity levels for heightened sensations. It also comes with a remote to hand over to your partner.

The prostate massager is waterproof and ergonomic for maximum pleasure and anal stimulation.

Quick Facts

Type: Vibrating prostate massager

Best for: Prostate stimulation

Material: Soft and smooth

Battery life: 5 hours


  • 30% faster charging
  • USB charger
  • Remote control for a hands-free experience


  • Needs practice
  • A bit pricey

9. Fleshlight Flight Aviator: Best Male Masturbator


Fleshlight is manufacturing some of the top masturbators. They created the original one that we use today.

Flight Aviator is among the best-selling manual strokers from Fleshlight. It has a transparent casing to help you watch your manhood in action.

The sleeve is made from proprietary materials to offer a lifelike experience. The toy is compact, discreet, and easy to carry.

Flight Aviator gives you a nice break from adult electric toys for some simple fun.

Customer reviews show that Fleshlight lacks innovation and has a poor quality assurance program.

The products are also priced pretty high.

Quick Facts

Type: Manual masturbator

Best for: Solo sessions

Material: SuperSkin


  • Realistic feeling of insertion
  • Easy to use
  • Clear casing


  • No suction
  • Too snug

10. Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo: Best Edging Device for Men

penis vibrator

Pulse Solo is a unique penis vibrator. It relies on oscillation technology instead of vibrations to massage the frenulum.

You can also turn the toy into a stroker by moving it up and down your shaft.

The best use of Pulse Solo is edging. You can reach climax and repeat the cycle to build sexual stamina.

The vibrator is also perfect for gooning.

Quick Facts

Type: Penis vibrator

Best for: Hands-free orgasms, edging

Material: Soft plastic

Battery life: 60 minutes


  • Waterproof for use in showers
  • Hands-free operation
  • Patented technology


  • Needs holding in place
  • No fast charging

Best Male Sex Toys: Navigating the Pleasure Playground

best male sex toys

Let’s lay the ground rules before you jump straight into masturbation toys. Below are the top factors to consider before you make your buying decision.

Material Magic

Always aim for body-safe materials like TPE, medical-grade silicone, or ABS plastic. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises when you are being kind and intimate with yourself.

  • Silicone is smooth, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.
  • Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE, is soft and lifelike for a more realistic experience.
  • ABS is durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for rigid toys.

Size Matters

No, we’re not messing with your ego; size does matter when it comes to stroker adult sex toys.

Choose a dimension that suits your comfort and preferences. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you want something portable and discreet?
  • Are you looking for a full-fledged sexual experience?
  • Do you want a snug fit or a more filling sensation?

Your answers will guide your selection.

Functionality Finesse

Your pleasure device should do more than just vibrate. It should have the right features if you are looking for a full-blown experience.

  • Vibration patterns: More vibration modes mean more variety. It is like having your own pleasure DJ console.
  • Intensity settings: Adjustable speed and rhythms offer a more personalized experience.
  • Remote control: A remote is ideal if you want to avoid fumbling around when the moment strikes.

Safety Tips and Precautions

sex toys for male

Here are a few tips for a smooth ride on the pleasure highway:

  • Use a water-based lube instead of silicone-based lubes. Apply generously on your toy and manhood. Go for Fleshy Glide for a butter-smooth ride.
  • Invest in a good quality toy cleaner. Follow manufacturer instructions to clean your device. Try Fleshy Fresh.
  • Sprinkle some renewal powder to keep your device fresh and odor-free. Fleshy’s renewal powder is one of the best choices you can get.
  • Stick to manufacturer guidelines while using your toy. Listen to your body to avoid discomfort.
  • Store your toys in a cool and dry place. Inspect them for damages before use.


How do I choose the best male sex toys?

Consider your preferences and budget to choose the best male sex toy. You can also read our review and pick a winner.

What are the common types of sex toys for men?

The common types of sex toys for men are masturbators, blowjob simulators, prostate massagers, and pocket pussies.

Are male sex toys worth it?

Male sex toys are worth it and provide extra stimulation and intense pleasure.

What are the benefits of using male sex toys?

The benefits of using male sex toys include heightened pleasure and a more realistic sexual experience. You may even enhance your stamina and sex life.

Where can I buy male sex toys?

You can buy male sex toys online or from your local store. Please check out our store for Fleshy Toys.

Is it normal to use sex toys?

It is normal and healthy to use sex toys. They are safe and hazard-free.

Are there discreet options for purchasing and receiving sex toys?

Discreet options are available for purchasing and receiving sex toys from our stores and other sites.

Choose Your Pleasure Ride

Brands are out to pamper guys with a plethora of toys. The list of choices includes manual masturbators, automatic strokers, pocket pussies, penis pumps, and more.

Think about your preferences, consider the material, and keep an eye on the size of your toy. Additionally, choose a product with functions to pleasure yourself to the fullest.

Always keep a bottle of lube handy whenever you’re indulging yourself. Stay within safe limits and stick to manufacturer guidelines.

Maintain a hygiene routine and clean your devices with a toy cleaner and water afterward.

Order Fleshy Pro – the number 1 sex toy for men. Our automatic male masturbator lets you experience vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

Several modes of vibration and a clever design make you feel like you are having sex. You can even submerge the sleeve in warm water and enjoy cozy intimacy.

Experience full-shaft stimulation with our automatic male masturbator sex toy.

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