11 Benefits of Using Male Sex Toys

11 Benefits of Using Male Sex Toys


Many people think men don’t use sex toys. However, the truth is the complete opposite.

Statistics show most American males own a toy. 46% of men have an anal toy, while 41% own at least one vibrator.

Using male sex toys is more common among bisexual men and gays. Some studies indicate the number to be as high as 80%.

Why do men use sex toys? What do they bring to the table?

Let’s find out after a few essential words.

Debunking Myths About Using Male Sex Toys

Adult toys are not a taboo anymore; they have become a part of healthy sex lives.

The rise of sex-positive attitudes and a growing focus on sexual wellness have made them even more popular.

Many men now use toys in solo sessions and with partners.

Common Misconceptions and Social Stigmas:

Let’s clear the air around some pretty common myths:

  • Sex toys are for women: What? Why should women have all the fun?
  • You are not good in bed, so you use toys: On the contrary, using adult toys can make you good at sex.
  • Sex toys affect fertility: Tell the bugger who says this to show some scientific proof.
  • Real men don’t need toys: Real men like to maximize pleasure and use various sexual wellness products.

Adult toys have a positive impact on health and self-esteem. Let’s learn more in the next section.

11 Sex Toys Benefits for Men: Pleasure, Health, & Exploration

Pleasure is not the only thing you get from adult toys. A host of benefits await you when you dive in.

1. Sexual Satisfaction

using male sex toys

Get ready to experience a whole new world of sensations and sexual pleasure. Sex toys let you experience a carnival or carnal delight and spice up your bedroom life.

You can ride a rollercoaster ride of ecstasy using a male vibrator or pocket pussy. Every product’s design, texture, and features give you a unique experience your hands cannot rival.

Suiting Various Preferences and Scenarios:

Sexual well-being accessories can be soft, squishy, and downright realistic. You get the actual feeling of penetration for realistic sexual experiences.

Or you may like to get adventurous with a prostate massager, offering sensations you never knew before.

Versatility is the key to catering to every whim and fantasy. The options are endless, and each opens a new chapter in the journal of pleasure.

Toys for couples is another realm you are free to enter.

2. Sexual Exploration

Exploring your erotic desires feels like venturing into uncharted territory. The right tools can make the journey easier and more pleasurable.

Sex toys are your trusted sidekicks, helping you dive deep into your fantasies without judgment or hesitation.

They allow you to go beyond the pleasure of masturbation and indulge in unique experiences.

Private and Safe Exploration:

Masturbation toys are your passport to your private pleasure island. You experiment with different sensations, techniques, and fantasies in your safe space.

Wondering how do male sex toys work? Bring out your device and get hands-on.

Curious about the extra stimulation from a vibrating ring? There’s a toy for that, too!

No awkward conversations, no raised eyebrows – just you, your pleasure buddy, and unhindered self-discovery.

3. Intimacy Building

how do male sex toys work

Male sex toys benefits extend to your sexual partners. They improve communication and build trust.

It’s like being on a secret mission together where the goal is to explore pleasure.

How do male sex toys work to build intimacy?

When you and your partner discuss adult accessories, you develop a deeper level of trust and intimacy. This requires honesty and open communication, dropping all your fear or judgment.

This open communication is key to building intimacy. It also enhances sexual desire and satisfaction from your male or female partner.

Emotional Connection Through Shared Experiences:

Shared pleasurable experiences hold relationships together. Trying something new and exciting can be super bonding.

You develop a sense of teamwork, exploring each other and getting vulnerable and adventurous.

Even studies indicate similar sex toys benefits for men and women. Experimenting in bed with new accessories and positions results in more satisfied relationships and sex lives.

4. Prostate Health

A healthy prostate gland can lead to more intense and satisfying orgasms. It has a plethora of nerve endings for immense sexual pleasure.

However, anal stimulation has vital health benefits. A bit of prostate stimulation can help you:

  • Relieve prostate swelling and inflammation
  • Reduce the risk of an enlarged prostate
  • Promote blood flow
  • Address erection problems and erectile dysfunction
  • Improve urine flow

A prostate orgasm is more intense than ejaculation from penile masturbation. It leaves you drained and can be achieved using a prostate massager.

5. Erection Improvement

sex toys benefits for men

Do you need a boost in your firmware?

Using male sex toys is excellent for your sexual health. They improve erectile function in several ways:

Adult accessories enhance blood flow and lead to stronger erections.

A strong erection helps you last longer and enhances your intercourse satisfaction.

You can develop spontaneous erections by using adult toys regularly.

A study reported men who use vibrators show robust erections. They also have improved desire and orgasm functioning.

A trusty erection boosts your confidence and reduces performance anxiety. Your erotic endeavors become stress-free and more enjoyable.

Toys for Better Erections:

Several products are designed to make you get hard:

  • Cock rings are the simplest tools to get erect. They restrict blood flow and result in a long-lasting erection.
  • Penis pumps suck out air and draw blood into your penis. It increases your size and results in a bold erection.

6. Stress Relief

Your body releases a cocktail of pleasure hormones when you are aroused or having an orgasm. They have stress relief properties; many belong to the “feel good” hormones.


  • Brings feelings of connectivity
  • Makes you more social
  • Helps you process negative stimuli better
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety


  • Improves mood
  • Boosts sexual desire


  • Generates feelings of pleasure
  • Improves overall satisfaction
  • Improves motivation


  • Lower stress
  • Improves mood
  • Enhances sense of well-being

The benefits of masturbation with toys include more endocannabinoid production. They are similar to cannabinoids present in cannabis.

However, they are made by our bodies.

Scientists are still learning about them and found them to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Regulate emotional behavior
  • Support cognition

Using any type of toy enhances not only your physical health but also your mental health.

7. Arousal Enhancement

male sex toys benefits

Male sex toys can pump up your sexual arousal. They can ignite the fire of passion and send shivers down your spine.

A study shows people with penises who use vibrators with their partners experience heightened sexual desire.

In comparison, men who don’t use vibrators don’t get aroused as much.

Making Foreplay More Exciting:

Foreplay is the appetizer to the main course. Sex toys can make it more delicious and lip-smacking!

You get the party started with your favorite pleasure gadget. Next, ramp up the anticipation, exploring each other’s bodies and teasing with toys.

An electrifying foreplay drives both of you to the edge of your seats. Any sexual activity feels enticing after that and ends in intense orgasms.

Exploring New Forms of Stimulation:

Enter unexplored territories of pleasure with adult gadgets. Experience new forms of sensations and pleasure using varying devices.

For example, a wearable vibrator or cock ring can stimulate both partners. The female partner can enjoy clitoral stimulation, while the male experiences delayed orgasm.

Consequently, a butt plug is ideal for all sexes to ramp up the pleasure.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Spice up your masturbation routine by trying all sorts of things, like anal vibrators.

8. Body Awareness

Women are more body-conscious than men. This is why women live longer and are more aware of their health.

The WHO found this to be a reason for men to live unhealthier lives and visit the doctor less often. Males are also more prone to diseases and accidents.

How do men sex toys work to promote body awareness?

Using adult accessories is embarking on a journey of self-discovery. You:

  • Explore your body
  • Learn what feels good
  • Understand what turns you on
  • Learn what makes you uncomfortable

The heightened self-awareness helps you develop a deep understanding of your sexuality. You feel more in control of your pleasure and can communicate your desires effectively.

Boosting Body Confidence:

Mike, a 30-year-old, struggled with body image issues. He incorporated toys for masturbation and tried different devices.

This allowed him to explore and understand his body. He started to appreciate his body naturally and learned to embrace his uniqueness.

The more he experimented, the more his views changed about his body image. Slowly, the confidence spilled into his everyday life, improving his self-esteem and relationships.

9. Sleep Quality

how do men sex toys work

Orgasms are magical. They relax you, calm your mind, and put you in a state of bliss.

The post-orgasmic state is the perfect to lull yourself to sleep. You will likely drift away more easily and enjoy a more profound, restful slumber.

Our body releases several hormones, such as oxytocin and prolactin. These promote relaxation and reduce stress, allowing us to sleep like babies.

Studies seem to confirm the same. Researchers found sexual activities with or without sex partners involving orgasms to promote sleep quality.

It also takes less time for people to fall asleep.

However, you get the most benefit when your escapade involves a partner.

Evening Sessions with Sex Toys:

A nightly routine with adult accessories can promote better sleep. Here are a few tips to make the most of your sessions:

  • Dim the lights, relax, and make yourself comfortable
  • Choose a toy – masturbation sleeves, anal plugs, stroker toys – whatever works
  • Take a leisurely approach and engage in the experience
  • Pay attention to sensations and focus on the pleasure
  • Bask for a few moments in the post-orgasmic glow

10. Hands-Free Pleasure

Several toys offer hands-free orgasms. You may just have to hold the gadget in place while it works magic on your manhood.

Each is designed to provide maximum pleasure with minimum effort.

One example is an automatic masturbator. It may use several techniques like suction, vibration, and stroking to mimic vaginal intercourse or oral sex.

You achieve hands-free orgasms without even inviting a partner. Moreover, you gain freedom from using your hands forever.

Benefits for Those with Mobility Issues:

Hands-free toys are a necessity for those with mobility issues. They eliminate the need for manual dexterity, allowing everyone to indulge.

Hands-free toys are suitable for people with physical disability, arthritis, or joint pain.

11. Performance Enhancement

using male sex toys

Regular use of male toys can boost sexual performance and stamina. You may last longer, increase your control, and enhance overall satisfaction.

Using adult accessories regularly:

  • Trains your body
  • Enables you to handle intense sessions
  • Practice delayed ejaculation

For example, masturbators may help you build endurance. Cock rings, on the other hand, may allow prolonged erections.

You may also try edging to build your stamina. It also leads to mind-blowing orgasms.

Choosing the Right Sex Toy

How to choose the best pleasure device for your needs?

Below are a few sex toys that you may consider:

  • Pocket pussy: Basic penis sleeves for manual stroking, like Fleshy 3-in-1.
  • Automatic stroker: Automatic stroking for hands-free orgasms, like Fleshy Thrust.
  • Guybrators: Vibrators for guys for penile stimulation, like Fleshy Rumble.
  • Cock rings: Flexible or solid rings worn around the penis and testicles.
  • Prostate massagers: Anal massagers for prostate orgasms, like Fleshy Synflex.

Learn how to use these toys in our dedicated post.

Hygiene and Safety Tips:

  • Choose body-safe materials like TPE and silicone.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use water-based lubricants like Fleshy Glide.
  • Clean your toy after use with a toy cleaner like Fleshy Fresh.
  • Inspect your toys regularly for wear and damage – replace them when necessary.
  • Listen to your body and stop if you experience pain or discomfort.

Spice Up Your Life with Male Sex Toys

Countless men use sex toys today. The stigmas around sexual wellness products are fading, and people are embracing them in a new light.

Using pleasure gadgets has several benefits. The list includes more satisfaction, self-exploration, and improved erections.

They also help you build intimacy, relieve stress, and boost arousal.

You can choose from different male toys like pocket pussies, automatic strokers, and men’s vibrators. Always stay within your comfort zone and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Add more oomph to your solo and partner sessions with Fleshy sex toys for males. We have a wide selection to cater to every taste and sensation.

Order your favorite Fleshy toy today.

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