11 Science-Backed Benefits of Masturbation

11 Science-Backed Benefits of Masturbation


Is jerking off really healthy? Guys jerk off because it feels good. We seldom think about the benefits of masturbating or its relation to our health.

However, science has established many researched-backed benefits of masturbation for men.

Many studies have even established a link between masturbation and a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Let’s dive into a topic that is seldom talked about – the science-backed advantages of wanking. Pleasure is a wellness journey, and you have the right to know the correct facts.

Here are the vital benefits of masturbation.

Physical Health Benefits of Male Masturbation

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Okay, folks! Below is what you can expect when your favorite pastime is wanking.

Boosts Immune System

Do you feel a bit run down? Your immune system may need a visit to the pleasure department!

Studies have found that your solo sessions can boost the immune system. Men have a higher number of white blood cells 45 minutes after they masturbate.

Additionally, ejaculation increases cortisol levels. This hormone regulates and maintains the immune system in small doses.

Who knew wanking was the superhero cape your immune cells have been waiting for all along!

May Reduce the Risks of Prostate Cancer

Can jerking off reduce prostate cancer risk?

A study by Harvard surveyed over 31,000 men for more than 20 years on their ejaculation habits. It found that people who ejaculated more often (4–7 times a week) had 36% lower risks of prostate cancer.

It came out in the European Urology.

Several small studies also established a similar link. So, does regular masturbation prevent cancer?

Scientists don’t have any conclusive proof to make this claim right now. Additionally, the Harvard study did not differentiate between ejaculation from:

  • Sex
  • Wet dreams
  • Wanking

Studies show our bodies don’t respond the same way when we have sex and jerk off. The makeup of our semen also varies in the two situations.

So, it is too early to claim that frequent ejaculation prevents prostate cancer. But it undoubtedly contributes to your prostate health.

Promotes Sleep

A solo adventure is the perfect medicine to enter the land of dreams. It does not matter whether you ejaculate alone or with a partner.

Orgasm helps you fall asleep quicker and even improves sleep quality. You snore like a baby because of blowing your load:

  • Encourages the release of oxytocin (lowers stress)
  • Blocks cortisol (the stress hormone)

The findings come from a 2019 study on the sleep habits of 700 men. They reported their experiences after sex with a partner and solo orgasm.

Mental Health Benefits of Male Masturbation

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The benefits of ejaculation extend to your mental well-being. Here are a few proven advantages of ejaculating:

Relieves Tension and Stress

A dose of self-love can show the exit to unwanted guests like stress and anxiety. Masturbating leads to increased release of endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, and other hormones.

These hormones from the Stress Reduction Avenue work their magic to relieve tension. Additionally, wanking can lower blood pressure temporarily, leading to lower stress levels.

Improves Your Mood

“An orgasm is the biggest non-drug blast of dopamine.”

Dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins are the “happiness hormones.” These feel-good hormones improve bonding and relaxation.

As a result, a session of self-indulgence can be an excellent choice when you are feeling down.

Moreover, serotonin and dopamine released during orgasm provide you with post-session euphoria.

These feel-good chemicals create a pleasurable experience for your body and mind for a better mood.

May Improve Cognition Function

Have you heard of “post-nut clarity?”

Many people can focus better after ejaculation. They report better cognitive function after jerking off.

However, this phenomenon has yet to be studied by scientists. It is mostly based on anecdotal evidence.

The improved clarity after ejaculation might arise from the release of happy hormones. We can focus better as we are more relaxed and in a better mood.

Are you ready to become the Einstein of pleasure for mental benefits?

Sexual Health Benefits of Masturbating

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Can jerking off contribute to our sexual lives? Here are some insights to explore:

Makes You Last Longer

Men often don’t last long enough with their partners. One of the main reasons is not getting enough practice.

You can extend the time till you reach orgasm by jerking off. You can masturbate an hour before your sex date to last longer during intercourse.

Play a game with yourself by setting up challenges. Time how long it takes for you to ejaculate.

Next, aim for a longer time in your upcoming solo session. Additionally, take note of things like the number of strokes that make you cum.

You can become a top performer in bed with regular solo practice. It is also possible to beat premature ejaculation, unless it’s a medical issue.

Harder Erections

Our bodies lose muscle tone everywhere as we age. It also includes your prized possession and pride stick!

Wanking is the ultimate workout your manhood needs to stay in top shape. Sexual activities like jerking off are like a visit to the gym for your private parts.

Regular erections work your pelvic floor muscles for peak performance. Additionally, the blood flow to the penis supplies rich oxygen to the smooth muscles.

Regular ejaculation can even lower the risk of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Learn More About Your Body and Sexual Preferences

Your solo adventures can promote self-awareness and intimacy. You can learn more about your body and explore yourself in new ways.

Additionally, you discover what your body likes and dislikes. It’s like taking a map and exploring your pleasure island.

Most importantly, you can communicate your preferences to your sexual partners. The whole process leads to a more satisfying sexual experience and heightened pleasure.

Wanking is indeed the secret ingredient to enhanced intimacy.

Releases Sexual Tension

Jerking off is the perfect recipe to release your pent-up sexual energy. You can embark on your solo adventure without any pressure of performance or anxiety.

Additionally, solo adventures can even relieve relationship stress. It can be a healthy outlet for both partners to release sexual tension.

Masturbation is like a pressure cooker with steam release. You drive away sexual stress immediately without any fear or judgment.

May Affect Sperm Quality

Masturbating has an interesting relationship with sperm quality. Some scientists feel frequent ejaculation can improve it, while others disagree.

A 2017 study found longer abstinence periods to improve sperm count and volume. However, a shorter ejaculation frequency resulted in better:

  • Sperm motility, or the ability of sperm to move
  • Size and shape (sperm morphology)
  • DNA fragmentation

The evidence was conflicting for the researchers to recommend any ideal abstinence periods.

Another study in the same year found similar results. However, the researchers recommend a short abstinence period this time.

It allows the sperm to move properly through the female reproductive system.

Consequently, ejaculating daily for 14 days reduces sperm count and volume.

It seems regular ejaculation improves sperm function. So, a shorter abstinence period may be ideal if you are aiming for pregnancy.


Is masturbation a common behavior?

Masturbation is a very common activity among men. Various studies and surveys show that 70% to 80% of males jerk off, and some do it every day.

Are there any adverse effects of masturbation?

The adverse effects of wanking may include minor injuries to your penis if you are too rough on yourself. It is a safe and healthy act if you know and stay within your boundaries.

Can masturbation replace your sex life?

Masturbation can never replace healthy sexual relationships. It is a form of self-pleasure and self-love, which can even exist in a healthy sex life.

Is masturbation safe?

Masturbation is safe and risk-free. It makes you feel good and gives you a quick dose of pleasure. You can indulge in your solo sessions guilt-free.

Is masturbating too much a problem?

Masturbating too much can become a problem if it interferes with your life. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about jerking off excessively.

Are You Ready to Rock?

The role of masturbation is pretty nuanced. It has several physical and mental health benefits.

Masturbating boosts your immune system and may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Additionally, you can sleep peacefully after a session of self-indulgence.

The mental health benefits include lower stress and tension. You also feel a boost in your mood and enjoy better mental clarity.

Finally, jerking off helps you last longer in bed. It pumps blood to your penis to deliver rich oxygen. Your pelvic floor muscles also receive an excellent workout for harder erections.

You can relieve sexual tension and learn more about your erotic preferences. Regular wanking may also be beneficial for pregnancy.

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