Pringles Can Fleshlight: DIY Pocket Pussy Step-by-Step Instructions

Pringles Can Fleshlight: DIY Pocket Pussy Step-by-Step Instructions


Pringles can fleshlight is the champion of DIY sex toys. It is a realm where creativity meets…well, you know what!

Today, we will learn how to make a DIY masturbator out of a Pringles can. The snack-turned-sensation is setting the world of penis owners on fire.

Best of all, you don’t need to spend even $5 for your creation. You can find most of the stuff you need lying around your home.

Are you ready to experience next-level pleasure from a homemade masturbator?

Let’s dive in.

Pringle Can Fleshlight: Understanding Basic Construction

What is a fleshlight?

Fleshlight (no relation to Fleshy) is a popular pocket pussy that provides an immersive masturbation experience. Their products feature masturbation sleeves tucked inside a casing.

Over time, “fleshlight” has become a general term for all types of male masturbators that echo the original product’s design. It refers to any device that envelops the penis, simulating the experience of intercourse.

A Pringles can is a cheap masturbator alternative that doubles your pleasure. It gives a delicious twist to the original Fleshlight housed snugly inside a can.

Best of all, it is more customizable compared to readymade products. You can adjust the texture, tightness, and more per your preferences.

(We will get into that in a little while)

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What You Will Need

Let’s gather our stuff for this tantalizing task:

  • Grab a trusty Pringles can – empty, of course
  • 5 sponges – cellulose, bath sponges – anything works
  • 1 latex glove – stretchy and flexible
  • 3 or 4 rubber bands – ties work too
  • A damp cloth or wipe – to clean the can
  • Sandpaper – or a file
  • Scissors – to cut the sponges

You can use any soft material, like sponges, for the inner lining. Additionally, spice up things by varying texture – smooth, ribbed, or bumpy.

DIY Pringles Can Fleshlight: Step-by-Step Instructions

pringles can fleshlight

Let’s begin our DIY journey of making this amazing pocket pussy.

Step 1: Preparation

Make sure your workspace is clean and your mind filthy.

  • Clean the empty Pringles can. Wipe the inside with a damp cloth moistened with hot water.
  • Examine if there are any rough edges around the opening. Use sandpaper to smoothen any sharp edges.

Step 2: Create the Inter Lining

Now, it’s time to get cozy. We are adding the internal lining to create your artificial vagina for the feeling of penetration.

  • Cut 4 sponges to fit the height of the can. Keep the depth of penetration in mind to accommodate your entire penis.
  • Place the 4 sponges around the walls of the can. The latex surgical glove will sit in the middle of these sponges.

(Don’t put the sponge inside now)

You can cut or shape the sponge to create ridges and bumps. This will make your homemade pocket pussy resemble a genuine fleshlight.

Step 3: Prepare the Orifice

This step makes homemade fleshlights feel like actual fleshlights. Your manhood meets friendly resilience and caress while entering the DIY fleshlight.

  • Make a slit with a knife in the middle of the 5th sponge. However, avoid creating a big center hole.
  • Put the latex surgery glove halfway through the slit. The glove cuff and a portion of the glove should stick out from one side.
  • Place the sponge over the homemade Pringles fleshlight. The glove with the finger ends should be inside the can.
  • Pull the sides of the sponge down. Secure it with rubber bands.

Step 4: Secure the Glove

Let’s provide the finishing touch to our pleasure device.

  • Stretch the glove over the opening of the can. Secure it using rubber bands or ties.
  • Trim any excess material. Ensure the opening is taut and free from wrinkles.

Voilà! Your fleshlight self-pleasure tool is ready!

Enhancing Your Pleasure

We are not yet done, my pleasure-seeking friends! Below are a few tips to boost the bliss from homemade fleshlight alternatives:

Use Your Favorite Lube

Apply water-based lubes generously when you use your toy. Slide in and out effortlessly with Fleshy Glide – the smoothest lube in town.

Warm Your Masturbator

Warm up your masturbator for amazing sensations. You can wet the sponges in warm water before putting them inside.

Read more: How to Warm Up a Fleshlight.

Try Amazing Textures

Experiment with different tightness levels and textures. Add more sponges, roll a hand towel, and put it inside – the possibilities are endless.

Add a few gummy bears or plastic beads around the sponge for a bouncy texture.

Try a Condom

Use a condom for easier cleaning and hygiene. It also helps you last long and extend your masturbation sessions.

Don’t Forget to Clean

Disassemble and clean the latex glove after use. You may even replace the glove after a single use.

Store your masturbator in a cool and dry place.

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Pringle Can Fleshlight Alternatives: DIY Homemade Pussies

Let’s explore a few DIY fleshlight picks for varied pleasure:

  • Sock masturbator: A pair of socks and a glove can work like a sponge masturbator. It is simpler and easier to make than using a Pringles can.
  • Toilet paper roll masturbator: Remove the cardboard cylinder and place a condom inside to create your toilet paper roll masturbator. Everyone has toilet paper in their home, and it’s super cheap.
  • Towel masturbator: Roll a towel sideways and put a glove inside. Secure it with rubber bands to start humping. It faster to make and needs less preparation.

Read detailed steps to make homemade masturbators in our exclusive blog.

You can also buy different types of masturbators from several brands. Fleshy Pro is the baddest boy in town with suction, jerking, and vibration.

It is the closest thing to oral, vaginal, and anal sex you’ve ever experienced.

And we've also listed the cheapest male sex toys for you, for even more choice!


How realistic is a Pringles can fleshlight?

Creating a fleshlight using a Pringles can is a makeshift solution that lacks realism. It’s hard to mimic the texture or warmth of human anatomy.

Is Pringles fleshlight reusable?

A Pringles fleshlight is reusable if you clean and maintain it properly. You can use it a few times before the glove gets damaged.

Is it difficult to make a Pringles can fleshlight?

It is not difficult to make a temporary solution for masturbation from a Pringles can. The process takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Is making Pringles fleshlight safe?

It is safe to make Pringles masturbator as long as you use body-safe materials. Moreover, keep your allergy triggers in mind.

Indulge in Ecstasy: DIY Intense Fleshlights

A Pringles can turn into an ecstasy device in a few minutes.

Put a few sponges inside the can and cover it with another sponge with a slit in the middle.

Next, slide in the latex glove and secure the ends with bands. Experiment with different textures and tightness for intense sensation.

But for the most realistic sexual experience, try Fleshy male masturbators. You will never use your hands or a homemade pussy again!

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