Best Male Automatic Masturbators: Top Picks for Hands-Free Pleasure

Best Male Automatic Masturbators: Top Picks for Hands-Free Pleasure


Welcome to a world where hands-free satisfaction reigns supreme. You no longer need to involve your hands to reach a dizzying orgasm anymore.

Your self-love sessions attain a new high, something you have never experienced before.

We are talking about automatic male masturbators that do the dirty work of milking your dick. These pleasure gadgets use various techniques like air pressure and stroking to give you a handjob.

Some come with masturbation sleeves that feel like a real vagina or mouth. Realistic experience is a part of the parcel for heightened pleasure.

In this blog, we check out the best automatic male masturbators for hands-free sexual activities. They take you to a realm of absolute self-indulgence and let you bask in a plethora of sensations.

Let’s dive in!

How We Rate

Welcome to the inner sanctum of pleasure-seeking perfection. Below is a glimpse of the process that lets us separate the cream from crap.

  • Personal Testing: We put the bad boys through their paces like pro athletes preparing for the Olympics. Our assessment includes everything, from marathon sessions to quickie tests.
  • Customer Reviews: Our digital detectives hunt down every customer review. The insights of those who lived to tell the tale drive our opinions.
  • User Complaints: We’re interested in more than praise and adoration. Complaints inform us about every hiccup and stumble along the way.
  • Industry Reviews: Expert opinions and reviews help us separate fact from fiction. They allow us to dive deep and get a second, third, or even fourth opinion.
  • Social Media Trends: We keep our eyes firmly on the pulse of all things social. What’s hot today may soon become yesterday’s news.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to sexual pleasure. We take every step to bring you authentic and trustworthy information.

Best Automatic Male Sex Toys: Electrify Your Self-Love Sessions

Here are the best choices for unforgettable automated pleasurable experiences:

1. Fleshy Thrust: Best Milking Device for Men

automatic male masturbators

Thrust into pleasure paradise with Fleshy Thrust. It combines stroking, vibration, and heating to give you shattering orgasms.

Plus, you get countless stroking modes and vibration settings to pump up the beat. Every stroke feels like a symphony of pleasure orchestrated just for you.

Thrust is super easy to use and comes with a removable sleeve. It can be cleaned quickly and prepared for your next adventure.

The device comes with fast charging to keep a leash on your anticipation.

Quick Facts

Technique: Stroking, vibration

Charging: Type C

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $149


  • In-built heating
  • Fast charging
  • 8 stroking and 9 vibration modes


  • Not waterproof

2. Kiiroo Onyx+: Best Interactive Masturbator for Males

best automatic male masturbators

Get ready to experience the future of adult sex toys for men. Onyx+ is loaded with interactive features that put Tesla to shame.

The pleasure device uses a rotating motor to create an up-and-down motion to mimic intercourse. However, reviews indicate the experience is pleasurable but not close to intercourse.

Onyx+ spices up your solo sessions by syncing with porn, games, and webcam performances. You can also indulge your partner and pair your toys for an immersive experience.

Quick Facts

Technique: Stroking

Charging: USB

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $239


  • Syncs with VR
  • Great for long-distance play
  • Connects with other Kiiroo toys


  • Not very realistic

3. Autoblow AI Ultra: Best for Intelligent Blowjobs

hands free male masturbators

Autoblow AI made a huge buzz when it entered the market. The AI Ultra is the latest craze that offers intelligent blowjobs.

The stroking modes are developed based on hours of porn videos where researchers noted each action. The result is an ultimate hands-free companion for your wildest fantasies.

Each stroke provides full-shaft penis stimulation.

However, Autoblow falls short of feeling like real blowjobs, as many users report.

Quick Facts

Technique: Stroking

Power Type: Wall outlet

Warranty: 6 months, excluding sleeve

Price: $219


  • No need for batteries
  • Syncs with adult videos
  • Manual button controls


  • Uncomfortable to hold

4. Fleshlight Universal Launch: Best for Fleshlight Strokers

automatic male sex toys

Launch is among the top adult toys for men who own Fleshlight strokers. Every stroke launches you into unparalleled pleasure and brings you a step closer to ecstasy.

You can fit several Fleshlights to experience varying levels of bliss. However, the Launch does not come with a free stroker.

Yep, that’s sad! But it could be a good investment if you plan to automate your Fleshlight manual masturbators.

Launch works on direct power.

Quick Facts

Technique: Stroking

Power Type: Wall outlet

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $199


  • Adjustable stroke lengths
  • Use with Fleshlight products
  • Comfortable grip


  • Must purchase stroker separately

5. Fleshy Rumble: Best Penis Vibrator for Auto Orgasms

best male automatic masturbators

Rumble is a powerhouse of sensations that leaves you craving more. It is completely different from a stroker adult toy and uses sonar-like vibrations to pamper your dick.

Waves of pleasurable sensations creep in from all angles to submerge you in sensational passion. The in-built heating keeps you warm and reminds you of your partner’s coziness.

You have different modes to control vibration speed and pattern. Set the dial to the max and let the powerful vibrations take control.

Quick Facts

Technique: Vibration, heating

Charging: USB cable

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $49


  • Extremely affordable
  • 360-degree sensations
  • Very easy to clean


  • No stroking

6. Lovense Solace: Best Automatic Stroker for Long-Distance Play

male sex toy

Solace from Lovense is an embrace of pleasure. Every touch is a testament to intimacy and connection, making it best for long-distance play.

Be it your partner or a webcam model, Solace can create synced enjoyable experiences. You can also sync your self-pleasure masturbation with adult games and sounds.

The sleeve is made from TPE and accommodates most penis sizes.

Solace is fast and furious but lacks the slow and sensuous.

Quick Facts

Technique: Stroking

Charging: Via cable

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $189


  • Looks great
  • Desk mount to go completely hands-free
  • 1,000 patterns in the app


  • Loud and bulky

7. Kiiroo Keon: Best Auto Masturbator for Kiirool Strokers

automatic male sex toy

Kiiroo is a popular name in the world of stroker adult sex toys. Keon is a revolution that lets your fantasies run wild.

It is a state-of-the-art pleasure machine for lovers of Kiiroo strokers. The product has won the XBIZ Europa Awards 2023 for its design.

The device can reach up to 230 strokes per minute for mind-blowing experiences. You can even buy a bundle with Keon and Kiiroo stokers included.

Quick Facts

Technique: Stroking

Charging: Via cable

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $209


  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Use with Keon stroker toys
  • Not loud


  • Poor battery life

8. Lovense Max 2: Best Hands-Free Stroker for Couples

automatic pocket pussy

Lovense is more popular for sex toys for women. Max 2 is the ultimate weapon if you want to share your intimate sessions with your partner.

You can pair your toy with Lovense Calor, Nora, and more. Additionally, it also pairs with another Max 2 for mutual masturbation.

Max 2 relies on vibration to create 360-degree contractions. The air pump lets you adjust suction to control your pleasure level.

Quick Facts

Technique: Vibration

Charging: USB cable

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $99


  • Water-resistant
  • 1,000 patterns in the app
  • Adjustable air pump


  • No stroking action

9. Arcwave Ion: Best Innovative Automatic Masturbator

best electric male masturbators

Ionize your senses with Arcwave Ion. It is a cutting-edge device that lets you orgasm without using your hands via air pulses.

Bursts of airwaves hit receptors in your frenulum for a completely unique release. Arcwave claims it’s the closest thing to female orgasm.

The innovative design has won Arcwave the 2021 Red Dot Design Award.

Ion is also one of the easiest toys to clean. The silicone is non-porous and hypoallergenic, and it is also UV light resistant for greater durability.

Quick Facts

Technique: Air pulses

Charging: USB cable

Warranty: 2 years

Price: $199


  • Super silent
  • Auto turn off
  • Easy to use


  • No shaft stimulation

10. The Handy: Best Auto Stroker for Larger Penises

male auto masturbators

The Handy is a unique masturbator for men. It uses a short sleeve fastened with a velcro to the thrusting machine.

As a result, The Handy can accommodate larger penises. Even people with shorter penises can enjoy total stimulation.

The quality of the product is commendable, and the engineering stands out. It is a well-made device that works exceptionally well in the manual mode without VR.

A mobile app lets you control stroke length and speed.

Quick Facts

Technique: Stroking

Power Type: Wall outlet

Warranty: 1 years

Price: $199


  • Replaceable sleeves
  • No charging required
  • Sync with VR content


  • Limited sleeve choice

Automatic Male Masturbators: The Rightful Buying Guide

Congrats on choosing to upgrade your self-love sessions. You have endless options to get confused – so where do you start?

Let’s embark on a wild ride to understand automatic masturbators.

How do Automatic Strokers Work

Hands-free masturbators take you on an ecstatic journey with the press of a button. These marvels pack modern feats of engineering to offer you a hands-free orgasm.

They have moves that can make a professional dancer jealous and create a range of sensations.

Each action serves a purpose to tantalize your senses. Each movement sends shivers down your spine to the right places.

  • Stroking: A stroker toy uses a stroking mechanism to give you freedom from manual stroking. It uses moving parts or other technologies to stroke your manhood.
  • Vibration: Masturbator toys with vibration settings is like a symphony for your nether regions. Vibration modes send rhythmic pulses of pleasure that get you to sing high notes you never reached before.
  • Oscillation: This mechanism feels like a gentle caress from a lover’s hands like someone teasing and tempting you into a blissful state of surrender.

Best automatic male masturbators often combine different mechanisms to create a range of sensations. However, even a basic hands-free toy does not require moving your hands.

Hands-Free Masturbator Features

Best male automatic masturbators pack more bells and whistles than a spaceship to Mars. These features impact your sexual experience and pleasure.

So, understanding them is crucial. Below are a few common features of a hands-free male masturbator:

  • Speed and Intensity: These settings make your head spin faster than a viral meme. You can have it slow and sensual or rush to a fast and furious finish. Examples include intensity levels, speed levels, and more.
  • Modes and Patterns: A range of pleasure settings leave you guessing and gasping for more. The mind-bending combinations may include vibration patterns, stroking modes, and more.
  • Remote and App Controls: App and remote controls unleash your inner techno-wizard. You can take control of your pleasure ride and customize ecstasy from your mobile.
  • Suction: Some products feature powerful suction to mimic blowjobs. There is no reason to settle for the ordinary when you have the extraordinary.
  • Heating: A heating function makes your adult sex toy feel like the cozy insides of a human. It makes the whole journey tempting and sensuous.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Don’t swipe your credit card faster than a Bumble date. Here are a few things to consider before your purchase:

  • Material and Durability: You don’t want your auto stroker to fall apart faster than a knock-off action figure. Focus on durable and high-quality materials for absolute longevity.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Adult toys should be simple to use and clean. Maintenance and cleaning should never take priority over pleasing yourself.
  • Battery Life and Charging: It’s a killer when your toy dies when you are on the verge of ecstasy. Look for enough battery juice to last your self-love sessions. Fast charging may also be convenient.
  • Noise Level and Discreetness: Some toys can get louder than your partner and hamper your privacy. Stick to low-noise options if you want to keep your inner freak discreet.
  • Price Range and Value for Money: You may break the bank for the latest and greatest automatic stroker. However, you can find the same thrills in an affordable product.

Research is crucial to ensure you land the best deal to meet your preferences.

Auto Masturbators: Tips and Precautions

Want your hands-free escapades to go off without a hitch?

Below are a few sage advice to keep in mind:

  • Use ample lube: Always remember to apply plenty of lube to your manhood and toy. Stick to water-based lubes like Fleshy Glide for safety and convenience.
  • Clean your toys: Clean your masturbation toys after use with a toy cleaner and water. Use Fleshy Fresh to prevent infections and keep your strokers hygienic.
  • Stay within limits: Hit the stop button whenever something feels uncomfortable or painful. Listen to your body for safe and enjoyable sexual pleasure.

Read more: How to Clean a Male Masturbator – A Complete Guide.

Hands-Free Male Masturbators: Frequently Asked Questions

How to make any pocket pussy hands-free?

Put your pocket pussy or stroker between pillows, stick them with tape to furniture, or use a shower mount to make it automatic. Read how to spice up your solo sessions and gain freedom from hands.

Do hands-free masturbators build sexual stamina?

Regular sexual masturbation with a toy may build sexual stamina. Learn how to delay ejaculation and build stamina in our detailed blog. (interlink: How to use Fleshlight for stamina) You can also try Fleshy Pro to build stamina while enjoying oral, anal, and vaginal sex.

What is the best lube to use with hands-free male masturbators?

Water-based lubes are best to use with hands-free masturbators. You don’t have to worry about damaging your toy or sensitive skin.

Can I use hands-free sex toys without an erection?

Some automatic male masturbator sex toys work without an erection. However, mechanisms like stroking need you to have a hard-on.

Are hands-free male sex toys realistic?

Hands-free sex toys for men may be realistic and mimic human anatomy. They have skin-like, textured sleeves and mechanisms to create the feeling of sexual intercourse.

Pick Your Key to Infinite Pleasure

The best choices to go hands-free are Fleshy Thrust, Kiiroo Onyx+, Autoblow AI, and Fleshlight Universal Launch. Moreover, two unique ways to blow your load are Fleshy Rumble and Arcwave Ion.

These toys use a wide range of techniques to pamper your dick. The list includes stroking, vibration, oscillation, and more. You can also find awesome features like heating and suction for added stimulation.

Consider factors like material, price, and maintenance before your purchase. Discreetness can also be a crucial factor for some folks.

Always listen to your body and use plenty of lube for a smooth journey.

Try Fleshy masturbators to launch yourself to ecstasy and dive deep into pleasure. You will never feel like using your hands again in this life!

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