Ruined Orgasms: The "Almost There" Adventure!

Ruined Orgasms: The "Almost There" Adventure!


Imagine being on a rollercoaster and just when it is a few meters on ascent, it suddenly stops. Or imagine buying an ice-cream on a sunny afternoon and just before taking the first lick, it falls to the ground. Frustrating right? Now think of an orgasm. Just when you are about to get that electrifying vibe that you have been chasing, it gets ruined. This is known as a ruined orgasm.

We know your mind now rings, “how frustrating?” But hear us out, a ruined orgasm could actually be what you need to spice things up in your bedroom.

As your trusted sexual activities’ wingman, we will walk you through what is a ruined orgasm, what a ruined orgasm feels like, why you should ruin your orgasm and answer some frequently asked questions on ruined orgasms. Get ready for an adventure!

What Is a Ruined Orgasm?

A simple ruined orgasm meaning is; a climax that is interrupted or muted. That is the tease without the pleasure. To paint the image even more clearly, let us use a firework analogy. A regular orgasm is the equivalent of a fireworks display. The fuse ignites and explode into beautiful colors and sounds. With a ruined orgasm, however, the fireworks get rained on. They cannot get ignited or explode. Now back to an orgasm, just when you are about to explode, the satisfaction is spoiled.

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There are two types of a ruined orgasm, partial ruined orgasm and full ruined orgasm. A partial ruined orgasm is like planning a weekend getaway and ending up with a day trip. You only get to experience a less intense orgasm.

Now, a full ruined orgasm is the real buzzkill. It is the equivalent of gearing up for a rock concert and discovering the band canceled while you were getting ready. Here, the orgasm is never reached. 

What Does a Ruined Orgasm Feel Like?

Now that we have a given a detailed ruined orgasm definition, let us walk you through what it feels like. Physically, a ruined orgasm might be frustrating. The anticipated culmination of pleasure is abruptly disrupted or diminishes at the point of climax. You never get to experience a satisfying orgasm, the full-blown experience as many of us know it to be.

Emotionally, a ruined orgasm could feel differently depending on the individual and circumstances. Some folks might find it a tad frustrating. In cases where a ruined orgasm is not consensual, feeling frustrated and even unwanted is common. On the flip side, others might dig the tease, finding pleasure in the unexpected twist. 

Why Ruin your Orgasm?

Alright, so by now you are wondering why ruin something as thrilling as orgasm? What good is there? The analogies given make you even wonder more? Why would anyone enjoy a disrupted firework show? Worry not, we got you!

It is the power and consensual force that make a ruined orgasm spicy. Think of it as handing the keys to your pleasure kingdom to someone you trust and watch them control your pleasure. This loss of control is hot to many people. The whole process involves a dance of skill, precision, and communication. When they throw in the unexpected twist, denying you that climax you are begging for, it becomes a like a rollercoaster of “horny and needy.” Good times, right?

Additionally, a ruined orgasm is a great addition to your BDSM tool kit. Let us break down the BDSM and ruined orgasm combo for you. In the world of kink, you have the dominant partner (dom) and the submissive partner (sub). Doms set the rules, and subs follow along for a wild ride of pleasure and power dynamics. Now, picture this: the dom lays down the law, maybe some rules or a list of “do this, do not do that.” The sub gets off on following these rules, and the dom finds pleasure in enforcing them. Enter ruined orgasms – the dom promises the sub a grand finale, but just when they are on the brink of ecstasy, BAM, pleasure ruined.

How to Give or Have a Ruined orgasm

  • Try it alone before involving a partner. First off, consider trying it during a solo session before roping in a partner. Get a feel for what floats your boat, you know? Experiment with the timing, the tease, and the interruption. It is your own pleasure playground.
  • Ensure you have consent. Now, crucial point: make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Consent is non-negotiable. Before you hit the gas, have an open chat about boundaries, desires, and expectations. No surprises, just good old-fashioned communication.
  • Establish a mutually agreed-upon safe word. Safety first, folks. Establish a safe word that is crystal clear and unmistakable. This is your lifeline. If at any point things get too intense, a simple “pineapple” or whatever floats your boat can slam the brakes.
  • Focus on teasing your partner. When the big moment arrives, it is all about the tease. Even though the goal is not to reach an orgasm, you still want to give your partner a great sexual experience. Focus on your partner’s sexual arousal. Think of it like a seductive dance – start and stop, build up that tension. Communication is key here, check in with your partner, make sure they are still on board with the plan.
  • Stop all stimulation prior to climax. Now, at the brink of orgasm, just slam on the brakes. Stop everything. It is like freezing time but for pleasure. The key is to read the signals, feel the vibes, and know when it is time to hit pause.
  • Aftercare. Post-showtime, do not forget the aftercare. It is like the encore of the concert. Cuddles, reassurance, and checking in on each other’s headspace. Ruined orgasms can be intense, so wrap it up with some TLC. It is not just about the climax; it’s the whole journey.

Experiment, communicate, and do not forget the after-party vibes. It is all about exploring together and making sure everyone’s still smiling at the end. Enjoy the ride!

Please note that some pain or pressure may be experienced from sudden cessation of stimulation. However, if there is pain during sex or prolonged pained after sex, it is advisable to seek medical help. Seeing a sex therapist to help you navigate the emotional and mental aspects of ruined orgasms can also help improve the experience. It is however not mandatory.


Are there ever any side effects or risks of ruined orgasm?

No, there are no side effects or risks of ruined orgasms. Emotionally, some folks might feel a bit frustrated or disappointed, especially if it is not their usual cup of pleasure. Communication is key. Make sure everyone is on board, set clear boundaries, and have a post-show chat to ensure everyone is still sailing smooth.

How are ruined orgasms different from forced orgasms or edging?

Ruined orgasms are different from forced orgasms and edging. While ruined orgasms have an unexpected interruption, edging is all about prolonging the ecstasy. Forced orgasms are cranking up the intensity to eleven.

Read about continuous edging in our ultimate gooning guide.

Is ruined orgasms always part of BDSM?

No, ruined orgasms are not always part of BDSM. While ruined orgasms can be a spicy addition to the BDSM menu, they are not exclusive to that scene. Some folks just dig the tease and interruption, even without the leather and chains. Ruined orgasms are more about personal preferences and consensual play than being tied exclusively to the BDSM crowd.


Alright, wrapping up our chat about ruined orgasms – when the big finish gets a little detour, spicing things up in the bedroom. Physically, a ruined orgasm may be less stimulating because you do not get to orgasm. Emotionally, it may feel frustrating or an enjoyable tease. The pleasure lies in relinquishing your power and control to your partner. For lovers of BDSM, ruined orgasms may be an interesting addition to your usual tricks.

But hey, here is the golden rule: consent and talk it out. No surprises without a green light! So, as you dive into your own pleasure exploration, keep it safe and respect the vibes. Open communication is the name of the game.

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