Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes Known to Humans

Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes Known to Humans


Welcome to “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” for erotic adventurers among us. What are the weirdest fetishes you have heard about?

Is it having sex on a flight? Or getting aroused popping balloons?

Most of us are familiar with common fetishes like foot fetish or ball torture for the extreme.

Yet, a few sexual fantasies stand out for their sheer strangeness. Are you ready to dive into the world of weird sexual fetishes?

Let’s begin our journey!

The Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes Ever

Each of the ten erotic experiences below is a testament to the incredible diversity of human desire.

Actirasty: Here Cums Sunshine

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Imagine lying on a sunlit beach with each ray caressing your skin. Does it ignite a sense of burning passion?

Many males find the warmth and light of the sun erotically stimulating. The enjoyment goes beyond getting a tan and translates into a sexual experience.

Researchers have not made any direct studies, but we have some clues. Exposure to the sun releases hormones like serotonin and melanocyte-stimulating hormones.

These can make you feel aroused and horny.

We found an article by Dr. Mark Griffiths on his blog from 2013. He is a professor of behavioral addiction at Nottingham Trent University, UK.

The article mentions the effects of weather on our sex life. For example, couples get busier during spring when there is more sun.

So, there is some explanation behind this fetish.

Capnolagnia: Smokin’ Horny

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Watching someone light up a cigarette can turn on some folks. It’s called capnolagnia, the sexual attraction to smoking.

Males mostly experience this arousal, and can stem from various factors:

  • The visual stimulation of the smoke
  • The seductive moments of the smoker
  • Association of smoking to being rebellious
  • A sign of dominance and power in the smoker

Hollywood glamorized smoking and seduction on the big screen. Iconic figures like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall made smoking look undeniably cool.

The trend is still on some people’s minds and drives their fantasies. However, it is one of the weird sexual fetishes we don’t recommend due to health reasons.

Agalmatophilia: A Thing for Statues

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Imagine walking through a museum and feeling an unexpected surge of desire. However, the passion is not for your fellow patrons but for the statues in the hall.

Welcome to the realm of agalmatophilia, an erotic attraction to statues, mannequins, and dolls.

It is among the weird fetishes prevalent in ancient times. Let’s take the story of Pygmalion, a sculptor from Greek mythology.

He developed a thing for a statue he curved and prayed to Aphrodite to bring it to life.

Pygmalion could not help but get hard when he saw his statue girl after the goddess granted his wish.

Maybe love dolls in the present age reflect the love for statues. However, you can get more up and close and dirty for intense sexual gratification.

Additionally, you don’t get arrested trying to screw a statue in the museum!

Formicophilia: Kink for Insects

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Most people go “eww” at the thought of insects crawling on their skin. However, you might find it arousing if you have formicophilia – getting turned on by insects.

The unsettling sensations of insects or snails crawling on the skin can turn into an erotic experience. It ranks high on the list of our strange sexual fetishes.

What may create sexual attraction to insects?

  • The tickling of tiny legs
  • The slight pinch of a bite
  • Unpredictable movements across the skin
  • A heightened sense of erotic awareness

Doctors may think you have a mental disorder if you report your fantasy. They treated a Buddhist male with counseling back in 1986 to reduce his paraphilic disorder.

Just be wise when you choose your insects if you’re going to indulge in this fetish.

Electrostimulation: Electrifying Ecstasy

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Doctors use electrostimulation to treat injured or weak muscles. However, electric stimulation can also get you high on pleasure.

Controlled electric pulses can trigger muscle contractions and release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

It can enhance overall pleasure experience and sexual satisfaction.

Electrostimulation is pretty popular in the world. It’s celebrated in various subcultures, such as the BDSM community.

They use electric stimulation as a tool for sensation play and power dynamics.

Specialized devices for safe erotic electrostimulation have made this sexual practice more accessible than ever. They allow users to explore their limits and preferences with various settings and intensity levels.

These gadgets are as popular as adult sex toys.

Dendrophilia: Dating Trees

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Spending time in nature can be more than relaxing for some. It can be a way to get sexually aroused and satisfied, experiencing profound erotic stimulation.

Humans have had a relationship with trees for an eternity. Many people love to hug and kiss trees platonically.

Additionally, trees symbolize fertility, life, and growth in many cultures. In ancient times, people even practiced sexual rituals like masturbation with trees, says Dr. Mark Griffiths.

The allure of dendrophilia often lies in the tactile and visual qualities of trees:

  • The rough texture of barks
  • The curves of branches
  • The rustling of leaves

Everything can add up to get you sexually stimulated. Just don’t go hugging carnivorous plants, please!

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Vorarephilia: Gonna Eat You Alive

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Vo”rare”philia or vore is rare indeed! It is the sexual fantasy of being eaten alive by a person or creature.

Some folks also enjoy the thought of eating someone.

Fetishists of this genre rely on elaborate role-play scenarios, stories, and artwork rather than actually eating each other alive.

They create and share weirdest fantasies online or in person, where one acts as the prey and the other as the predator.

Vore fetishes are not limited to human characters. They can involve mythical beings or monsters.

The underpinnings of this genre include dominance, sadomasochism, and submission.

Online forums and communities allow weirdest fetishists to discuss their fantasies without judgment.

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Knismolagnia: The Tickling Fetish

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Do you love to tickle your partner?

For people with knismolagnia, tickling and being tickled lead to heightened arousal; some may even orgasm.

Partners can play two roles in this erotic game:

  • The tickler
  • The ticklee

Moreover, there are two kinds of tickling:

Gargalesis – The profound, uncontrollable laughter we experience when someone tickles areas like the feet, torso, or armpits.

Knismesis – Gentle touches to the skin around the neck, ears, and back.

A study surveyed 27,956 tickling fetishists over 108 days and found:

  • Most respondents found tickling sexually gratifying
  • 25% said they reached climax through the act
  • More than 20% of fetishists indulge in tickling sessions over an hour

So, are you ready to get tickled?

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Chremastistophilia: The Hold-Up Kink

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Being robbed or held up can be a turn-on for folks with chremastistophilia. Some even ejaculate spontaneously in such situations.

It’s an intriguing kink that can turn dark sometimes.

Fetishists generally use role-play scenarios to act out their fantasies. However, Dr. Griffiths reports a case where a man paid someone to blackmail him.

The opposite of this fetish is more dangerous. Some people get aroused robbing or holding up someone.

A few have even been arrested on petty charges for their weirdest kink.

The psychological aspect of this kink is rooted in the interplay of submission and domination. The unpredictability and heightened emotions also lead to sexual arousal.

Autonepiophilia: Adult Baby Syndrome

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Do you fancy being a baby again? That could be an erotic experience if you have autonepiophilia.

It’s deriving sexual pleasure or experiencing arousal by dressing or acting like a baby. However, there is no attraction to infants or children.

This weird fetish may involve a range of behaviors and props. People may wear diapers, drink from bottles, and engage in infant-like behaviors.

The softness of diapers, being cared for, and acting childish may also feel soothing and erotic. Role-play involves caring and nurturing to more structured and disciplined scenarios.

Some believe unmet childhood emotional needs may be behind this weirdest kink. A study found ‘greater gender nonconformity’ to be associated with autonepiophilia.

Additionally, researchers found it to be linked with autism.


Are weird sex fantasies common?

Strange sexual fetishes are more common than you think. However, people may not discuss them with others due to their taboo nature and prejudices. A simple search online tells you how many people are into weird kinks.

How do people discover strange sexual fetishes?

Some people discover weird erotic fetishes purely accidentally. Others may find it through porn or erotic literature. Movies, TV, online communities, and even mythology can make you aware of uncommon sex kinks.

Is it normal to be intrigued by extreme sexual fetishes?

The concept of normalcy is blurred when it comes to sex and fantasies. It can vary significantly between people and cultures. Therefore, it is normal unless it affects your life and productivity. However, you must always respect others and seek consent.

The Diverse Landscape of Sexual Fantasies

Human sexuality is a weird planet that is still mostly unexplored. Some fetishes are well-known, while others lurk in the shadows, waiting to be stumbled upon.

Live your weird kinks proudly and take control of your sex life. Let your fantasies lose, and don’t be afraid to journey into uncharted territories.

Always seek consent and respect your partners while playing out your weird kinks. Establish boundaries and maintain open communication to avoid discomfort or uneasiness.

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