10 Best Sex Swings Money Can Buy: Soaring New Heights of Pleasure

10 Best Sex Swings Money Can Buy: Soaring New Heights of Pleasure


Are you looking for the best sex swing?

Get ready to defy gravity and reach new heights of pleasure. Sex swings are for adults to have intercourse mid-air.

It’s like a sexual pendulum that sways as you thrust your manhood or strap-on inside your partner.

These bad boys are soaring in popularity faster than a viral TikTok. Forget the mundane and embrace the exciting to spice up your sex life.

In this blog, we present the best sex swings for airborne sexual escapades. We also have a sex swing guide in the end for informed purchases.

So, stick around for an exhilarating escape from the ordinary.

How We Rate

We don’t just sit back and speculate. Here is a look at how we select the best products:

  • Hands-on testing: We hop on each sling to test its limits and quirks. You always get the juiciest information and the real deal.
  • User feedback: Our team collects feedback from reviews and comments across the internet. It adds more layers to our analysis and helps us reach the correct conclusions.
  • Complaints: We scour the net to find any potential deal-breakers. We want you to enjoy smooth sailing and not a bumpy ride.
  • Comfort: No one wants to feel like they’re swinging on a bed of nails. We pick products that give you the Cloud Nine experience.
  • Quality: We have zero tolerance for shoddy craftsmanship. Every contender on our list meets our high standards of quality.
  • Ease of use: Your time is precious. We rate each product based on how easy-peasy it is to get going and enjoy the ride.
  • Expert opinions: We tap into the brains of the sexperts! It helps us gain insights that go beyond the surface.

Sex Swing Best Choices: Top 10 Contenders to Add a Dash of Kink and Passion

Get ready to add a touch of kink and fetish to your playtime routine.

1. Lovehoney Purple Reins Sex Sling: Most Comfortable Swing for Couples

best sex swing

Get ready to dive into action with Lovehoney. Sex slings are like hammocks where your partner can lie down and be more comfortable during the ride.

This is a versatile, easy-to-use sling with sturdy construction and adjustable nylon straps.

Unmatched Comfort and Stability

Lovehoney makes sure its sling offers the most comfortable experience. The base is broad enough to accommodate your whole body and try a range of positions.

You can even add a pillow to make things more sensual and convenient.

Another important factor is the product’s discreet look. No one will be able to tell it is a pleasure device.

Quick Facts

Material: Nylon

Maximum weight: 220+ lbs

Suited for: Ceilings and rafters

Straps: 4


  • Looks discreet
  • Easy to install
  • Enough space to fit a pillow


  • The base has less support

2. The Stockroom Leather Sling: Best Bondage Swing for BDSM

best sex swings

Step into the luxury of leather sex swings with Stockroom. It is crafted from high-quality leather and durable metal hardware.

It will last through even the most passionate encounters. The sling can also handle enough weight and remain stable no matter how excited you are.

Indulge in BDSM

Stockroom leather slings are perfect for bondage and submission. You get enough D-rings and leather stirrups to spice things up.

Best of all, you get a plush leather pillow at zero cost with your purchase.

The only drawback is the absence of a stand. You must buy it separately.

However, you can use chains or ropes to hang the sling.

Quick Facts

Material: Leather

Maximum weight: 300 lbs

Suited for: 4-point sling stand

Straps: 2

Length: 37 inches

Width: 22.5 inches

Base width: 16 inches


  • Leather pillow free
  • Sturdy support
  • Super comfortable


  • Expensive

3. ASlingSwing Model S: Best Ceiling Mounted Sex Swing

sex swing best

Experience the pinnacle of pleasure with the ASlingSwing Model S. The premium sling is engineered for optimum performance and comfort, elevating your bedroom escapades to new heights.

It is a single hook sling with a large seat for a range of motion.

Uncompromised Durability

The Model S is made from industrial-grade steel and high-quality foam. It feels like riding a limo cruising through a highway of bliss.

The whole setup blends seamlessly into any decor, letting you explore new positions or role-play scenarios.

The Model S delivers an unforgettable experience for the price it sells for.

Quick Facts

Material: Steel, foam, vinyl

Maximum weight: 500 lbs

Suited for: Ceilings

Straps: NA

Length: 37 inches

Width: 22.5 inches

Base width: 16 inches


  • It needs only 1 square inch of ceiling space
  • Ideal for plus-size couples
  • Made in Florida, USA


  • Less flexible

4. Trinity 360-Degree Sling: Best Spinning Sex Swing

pleasure swing

Prepare for a whirlwind of ecstasy with Trinity’s 360-degree ride. This innovative type of sex swing comes with a unique spinning feature with spring hooks.

It hangs in the air using a single chain from the ceiling or a stand. Your penetrating partner can explore any angle of position without restrictions.

Bespoke Quality and Finish

The product is crafted with durable materials and comes with adjustable straps. It offers comfort and stability so you can let your imagination run wild.

Enjoy a leisurely spin or twirl into pleasure with this heavy-duty sex swing.

The price is also affordable and suits most budgets. However, a professional may be necessary to install ceiling hooks.

Quick Facts

Material: Nylon, ABS plastic, metal

Maximum weight: Up to 220 lbs

Suited for: Ceilings and stands

Straps: 4


  • Enjoy a variety of positions
  • Metal bar for hanging on
  • Installation accessories provided


  • Thin butt support

5. Whipsmart Diamond Pleasure Swing: Best Lesbian Sex Swing

adult swing

Get ready to dazzle and delight with Whipsmart. It is one of the most innovative single-hook sex swings available at an affordable price.

Whipsmart combines style and functionality with a diamond-pattern design and premium materials. The reinforced construction and secure fit let you have fun and peace of mind.

Ideal Choice for Lesbians

The single mounting swing is actually made up of two independent slings. Each person can hop into a sling and let the adventure begin.

The position options allow for deep penetration and superb scissoring. Most importantly, a metal bar supports each couple while suspended mid-air.

The only drawback is a lack of adequate padding.

Quick Facts

Material: Nylon, ABS, metal

Maximum weight: 300 lbs

Suited for: Ceilings and stands

Straps: 2 + 4


  • Two slings for the price of one
  • Metal bar for support
  • Full-suspension experience


  • Less padding

6. Bondage Boutique Soft Over-the-Door Swing: Best Over-the-Door Sex Swing

bondage boutique over the door swing

Are you seeking thrills without the frills?

Bondage Boutique is here with the best door sex swing at an affordable price. It is perfect for couples looking to spice up their sex life without investing in complex setups.

The contraption hangs comfortably over any sturdy door to unleash a playground of pleasure with dumbbell weights.

Super Discreet Design

This product lets you add a dash of excitement to your routine without revealing its identity. No one would be able to say what it is unless they are into swinging.

You can also store the product discreetly as it takes minimum space once folded.

Explore new heights of intimacy while protecting your privacy.

Quick Facts

Material: Polychloroprene

Maximum weight: 308 lbs

Suited for: Household doors

Straps: 4


  • Quickest setup
  • Perfect height for penetration
  • Quality materials


  • Butt lacks support

7. Belsiang Adult Swing: Most Luxurious Adjustable Swing

best door sex swing

Dive into the world of uninhibited pleasure with Belsiang. This versatile option combines the thrill of aerial exploration with the freedom of 360-degree spinning.

You can indulge in endless possibilities of passion.

The sturdy frame and reinforced straps provide complete support and stability. The product comes with all installation accessories to get started in no minutes.

Luxury at its Finest

Everything about Belsiang speaks of luxury. The leg and arm straps are made from high-quality, super-soft fabric. The metals are also non-slip, holding you in place all the time.

Additionally, the leather pads and U-shaped pillow provide more comfort. These features rank it among highly comfortable fabric sex swings.

The mat is among the widest and thickest in the industry. However, the leg cuffs may dig into your legs.

Quick Facts

Material: Metal, fabric, leather

Maximum weight: 650 lbs

Suited for: Ceilings

Straps: 5


  • Detachable wrist cuffs
  • Leather pads for more comfort
  • 360-degree spinning


  • Low-quality pillow

8. The Stockroom Pig Sling with Stirrups: Best Pleasure Sling for Beginners

best leather sex swing

Prepare to oink in delight with Pig Sling from The Stockroom. This hardcore pleasure sling is not for the faint-hearted; it’s for experimentalists and BDSM lovers.

Whether submission or domination, choose your game and push the start button.

Ideal for Beginners

Pig Sling is suitable for beginners to get into full-fledged sex swings. It has a single piece of fabric for your lover to lie down and enjoy the ride.

The foot stirrups provide additional support for more comfort during extended periods.

Another advantage is the ease of cleaning and discreet storing option. However, don’t fold the seat, as it may lead to permanent creases.

Quick Facts

Material: Metal, fabric

Maximum weight: Up to 250 lbs

Suited for: Stands

Straps: NA


  • Three trim color options
  • Super easy to clean any mess
  • Compact and easy to store


  • No arm straps

9. Whipsmart Body Swing: Best Body Sex Swing

best body sex swing

Whipsmart provides a simple way to unleash effortless exploration and unparalleled pleasure. This bad boy hangs from the standing partner’s body while the submissive partner enjoys thrusting in free air.

It has two leg straps to swing to and fro, holding onto your partner’s neck. There are no additional straps for arm or butt support.

Get Up and Close

Body swings are perfect if you want a body-to-body experience. However, you must be ready and fit enough to support your partner’s body weight.

From there, you can enjoy various elevated positions that other slings may not allow.

There is no complex setup; you just get it on and invite your partner to hop in.

Quick Facts

Material: Fabric

Maximum weight: 400 lbs

Suited for: Body type swing

Straps: 2


  • Highly affordable
  • No installation or setup
  • Ideal for elevated positions


  • Only support for legs

10. Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling: Premium Door Sex Swing

best over the door sex swing

Ditch cheaper door sex swings and go for Sportsheet for a premium experience. You need a sturdy door, but the fun is incredible and unmatched.

Simply slip the primary straps over the door and let the adventure begin.

Ideal for Small Homes

Sportsheets sex swings are perfect for small homes with limited space. It helps you reach new heights in the bedroom, even in a tiny apartment.

The compact design makes the swing ideal for travel. The durable construction ensures reliable support no matter how rough you are.

The padded seat eliminates any worries of pain or injury. However, you might notice minor soreness after an intense session.

Quick Facts

Material: Metal, polyester, foam

Maximum weight: 350 lbs

Suited for: Doors

Straps: 3


  • It can be modified for more comfort
  • Highly adjustable
  • Fun experience


  • Needs a sturdy door

Do you feel pleasure slings are beyond your budget at this moment? Why not try a few incredible, cheap sex toys for the time being?

What to Look for in the Best Sex Swing

Ready for some airborne antics? Consider the following before you venture out to buy a pleasure ride:

  • Sturdy material: You want something that feels good against your skin and holds up under pressure. Look for durable materials that won’t leave you hanging (literally).
  • Maximum comfort: We’re talking about getting cozy in mid-air. Extra comfort features like padded seats, adjustable straps, and soft fabric make for a heavenly experience.
  • Weight limit: No one wants a mid-air catastrophe. Ensure the swing has adequate weight capacity to handle your partner’s body weight.
  • Ease of installation: Complicated instructions deflate your libido slowly. Go for a product that’s a breeze to set up to get straight to the fun.
  • Features: Spice up your aerial adventures with a wide range of features, such as spinning mechanisms and built-in restrain systems.
  • Padding: Adequate padding acts like a comfy mattress. Look for products with padded straps, padded stirrups, and cushions at the right places.
  • Fastening: Make sure the fastening mechanisms are sturdy and reliable. You should soar the skies of pleasure without worrying about crashing.
  • Price: It may be tempting to splurge on the fanciest product in town. However, plenty of affordable sex swings do the job without the bells and whistles.

Keep the above factors in mind to swing like a pro in no time.

Why Use Sex Swings

Gravity takes a backseat when you have sex suspended in mid-air. All your senses are deprived, leaving you to focus on the real thing.

The feeling of sexual intercourse in a swing is unique and cannot be compared with anything else.

People also use different kinds of sex swings for:

  • Deeper penetration: Slings offer the right angle and support for deeper penetrations. The vagina is positioned upwards for your penis to dive deep.
  • Various sex positions: Forget the limitations of gravity. Explore a whole new dimension of sex swing positions that make Kama Sutra blush.
  • Mobility issues: Age, joint pain, and mobility issues hinder mind-blowing sex. Swings provide the right support and stability to enjoy different sexual positions without discomfort.
  • BDSM: These bad boys are excellent for some kink in the bedroom (or dungeon). You get the perfect playground for exploring domination and submission.
  • Excitement: Even the hottest flames need a little stoking now and then. Spice up your sex life and add some novelty with these innovative products.

Are you interested in sex dolls? Check out the best pleasure companions to get past solo sessions and experience conjugal bliss. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sex swing?

A traditional sex swing is a contraption for having intercourse mid-air. It is suspended from hooks in the ceilings or doors. Swings add spice to your sex life, resolve mobility issues, and help you try various positions.

What are the common types of sex swings?

The common types of sex swings are ceiling-suspended, door-suspended, stand swings, sex slings, and yoga swings.

Are sex swings safe?

Sex swings are safe if you do a professional installation and ensure they are adequately secured. Additionally, stay away from cheap sex swings and invest in quality products.

Is it difficult to install a sex swing?

Installing a sex swing may be difficult if you have to drill holes in the wall or ceiling. To avoid installation hassles, go for swings that you secure to doors or stands.

How do I use a sex swing?

Install the sex swing properly following instructions. Make sure you have enough space for it to move backward and sideways. You may also lay a mattress or a few pillows below the swing for more safety.

Are sex swings only for women?

Sex swings are for anyone who wants to enjoy mid-air oral or penetrative sex. You can enjoy intercourse on swings if you have a hole for penetration.

What positions can I try on a sex swing?

You can try a variety of positions on a sex swing, such as doggy style, missionary, and more. Let your imagination loose for a wild ride.

Get Ready for an Epic Adventure

You have plenty of sex swings to sensationalize your intimate moments. The best ones are from Purple Reins, The Stockroom, ASlingSwing, and Trinity. Additionally, the best door sex swing is from Sportsheet. 

Consider price, material, comfort, and features when buying a swing. Moreover, check out different sex swing types to find the right match.

Pleasure swings add a new flame to your sex life and make many positions easier. It is ideal for people with mobility issues and going deeper and deeper.

Take your indulgence to a new level with Fleshy adult toys and masturbators. We have a fantastic selection to help you swing in style for more pleasure.

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