The Top 5 Best Penis Extenders

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In the realm of male enhancement, various products promise to deliver tangible results, but not all live up to expectations. Let's delve into the intricacies of five notable penis extenders to decipher which one truly stands out.

How We Review Penis Extender

At Fleshy, our review process is thorough and unbiased, ensuring that each product we recommend stands up to our high standards. Here’s what we consider when evaluating penis extenders:

  • Effectiveness: How well does the product perform? We assess the results promised versus the results delivered.
  • Comfort: Is the product comfortable to use over extended periods? Comfort is key to usability.
  • Quality and Safety: We examine the materials and build quality to ensure they are safe and durable.
  • Customer Feedback: We look at what users are saying to gauge overall satisfaction and potential issues.
  • Value for Money: Does the product justify its price with its performance and quality?

For a detailed explanation of our testing standards and more on how we maintain objectivity, check out our editorial policy.

5 Penis Extenders that Really Work

#1 CalExotics

CalExotics Penis Extender

Verdict: This penis extender is thoughtfully crafted with a comfortable design, though it may have a few pinch points and may not accommodate all sizes. Its effectiveness for some may be questionable.

The product is a penis extender designed to help users achieve their desired length while maintaining utmost comfort. Unfortunately, some users have experienced difficulties with the maximum length reach of 6.5 inches, which may not be suitable for those with a longer natural length. However, the extender's quality and durability seem to be up to the mark.

While this is not a sex toy, individuals have found it comfortable to wear for a few hours and practical for use during passive healing. One major 'downside' reported by users is the pinch points that may cause discomfort by occasionally pinching the skin surrounding the penis and testicles. Additionally, the foam padding seems to be a one-size-fits-all design, which doesn't necessarily cater to all users. A silicone, stretchy material might be a better alternative to prevent slippage.

Overall, this extender serves its purpose, but its comfort level leaves much to be desired. It may be more suitable for use during sedentary activities like watching TV, but not recommended for ED treatment, considering its stability issues while in use.

#2 Honorificabilitudinitatibus

Honorificabilitudinitatibus Penis Extender

Verdict: This medical brace product provides restorative and noticeable results when used consistently and correctly. However, some users may find the device uncomfortable and difficult to use, requiring patience and potential modifications for a better experience

The product in question has received mixed reviews, with some users noting positive results while others experience discomfort during use. One five-star review found growth of 1/4" within a month of use, while another user stated it has proven results within a few days, even with daily usage. On the other hand, a critical review mentioned difficulties in using the device, discomfort, and issues with blood flow.

While there are design flaws such as loose straps and tubing, one user was able to resolve this by replacing the faulty parts with Velcro straps. Users are advised to start at their regular excited length and not to use the device aggressively to avoid injury.

Despite the positive results from some, other users may find the product uncomfortable and not suited to their needs. Test the device for yourself to determine if it may be a worthwhile addition to your routine.

#3 Magguta

Magguta extender

Verdict: This product has received mixed reviews, with some users experiencing discomfort and durability issues, while others appreciate its value for money and sturdiness

The product in question has garnered mixed reviews from users. Some have found it to be of good value for money and sturdiness. However, there have been concerns regarding the fit and comfort, with some users reporting that it squeezes the head and is not long enough, even when fully extended. Additionally, there are questions about the product's durability, as some users have experienced it falling apart after minimal usage. While the quality may be satisfactory for some, the likelihood of encountering these issues may warrant caution when considering this product.

#4 Zen Hanger

Zen Hanger

Verdict: This product is highly recommended for increasing length gains and comfort while wearing during various activities. Excellent support is provided by the company and users have noticed positive results in just few weeks.

The product has shown promising results for users who have incorporated it into their daily routine for a few weeks. Many have noticed an increase in both soft and hard length gains after consistently using the device. The design of the product is highly appreciated, as it is comfortable to wear while sitting, standing, and can be worn discreetly under loose clothing. The product also has strong customer support that is responsive and offers guidance on proper usage and adjustment based on individual differences.

The key to the product's success is the ease of use and adaptability. Users with experience in other products have found this to be their preferred choice for comfort and subtle wear. As mentioned, patience is essential, and adjustments to the fit might be necessary upon first use to achieve optimal Benefits. Overall, this product is recommended for those seeking an effective and convenient way to achieve more permanent length gains. It is vital to use the product consistently and correctly to see the desired results.

#5 Desen-Ball Stretcher

Desen-Ball Stretcher

Verdict: This product is praised for its comfort and noticeable results, but may experience durability issues with the rubber cord. Advocates for the product recommend patience and consistent use to see optimal results. 

The product has received positive feedback for its comfortable design, allowing users to wear it for extended periods without discomfort. Many users have reported noticeable improvements in their size within a month of consistent use. The all-day stretch it provides has been described as the perfect balance of weight and comfort, making it an effective addition to users' daily routines.

However, some users have experienced issues with the rubber cord breaking under extra tension. Though the product includes a backup rubber cord, there is a possibility of it breaking within two weeks under heavy tension. Users have suggested substituting paracord or shoestring as an alternative if this issue arises.

In conclusion, the product offers a comfortable and effective solution for those seeking noticeable improvements, though the durability of the rubber cord may need to be addressed for more extreme usage.


After exploring the nuances of five distinct penis extenders, it's evident that each product presents unique advantages and drawbacks. While some boast noticeable results and comfortable designs, others may falter in terms of durability or user comfort.

Ultimately, the ideal choice depends on individual preferences, needs, and tolerance for potential issues. Whether prioritizing comfort, effectiveness, or durability, users must carefully weigh the pros and cons of each extender to make an informed decision.

Remember, achieving desired results with any penis extender requires patience, consistency, and adherence to proper usage guidelines. By selecting the extender that aligns best with your requirements and committing to its use diligently, you can embark on a journey toward potential size gains and enhanced confidence.

Choose wisely, stay committed, and may your journey toward self-improvement be both fulfilling and rewarding.

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